Thursday, May 17, 2012


One more week until we receive the pregnancy test results.  EEK!

I've gone from having a funny feeling that we going to have a really high beta to having a feeling that it will be a negative result.  Now I am just trying to tell myself that this pregnancy test result doesn't mean that much.  If it's negative, we have 10 more frozen embryos.  If it's positive, it's way too early to celebrate anyway.  I think that's been the hardest thing so far - trying to balance the absolute excitement of possibility with the fear of heartbreak.

When do you break out the champagne?  When you get the donor you wanted?  When you have a good egg collection?  When the test is positive?  The first ultrasound?  Heartbeat?  2nd trimester?  The self-preservation part of me says to be cautious.  But the hopeful majority of me says "all of the above!"

To get some professional advice, I downloaded a magic 8 ball app for my iPhone.  According to it, we will test positive, it will be twins, we will not miscarry, and they will both be boys.  Although we wanted at least one girl, we obviously have nothing to worry about - if the iPhone says it, it has to be true.

Speaking of the iPhone, I might have to take a sleeping pill to get through next Tuesday night without checking it every three minutes for the pregnancy test results.  I toss and turn at night thinking about it already - I can only imagine what that night will be like.

I am trying to downplay it and just not think about it, but I am doing a terrible job so far.  Brent however, is totally Zen.


  1. Well, at least one of you is Zen! And it's never too early to break out the champagne! We're anxiously waiting with you!

  2. Celebrate it all...the milestones.

    And OMG -- Brent is totally Bill...and you are totally me...

    1. in terms of how you deal with it, that is! He's as cool as a cucumber -- good luck!

  3. LOL @ Magic 8 ball. I concur with D&B, celebrate each milestone or at least remember to breathe !!
    Best wishes for the best news : )

  4. Ah good luck!! My champagne will be out when they are in my arms and we are back in the uk with our family and friends!! Keep us posted!!
    Best wishes

  5. Hang in there :) You aren't going crazy, you're just human. And you want to know NOW!!!!
    I hear you - I have no idea how we will cope with the waiting either...
    Best of luck, and crack open the champagne anytime :)

  6. Well, if the eight ball says so..... No just kidding best Of luck next week. I can totally relate to the iPhone issue. I completely do the same thing. Best wishes and hope this wk goes quickly !!! K&J

  7. I don't even drink champagne but we broke it out last weekend when announcing our big secret to the rest of my family - Week 25. Next celebratory drink will be at 'viable age' - Week 32. Having said all that - agree with everyone saying CELEBRATE IT ALL BABY! XX

  8. I have to agree with celebrate when and where you can! Life can be awful some times so when you can have some happiness run with that. Have my fingers and toes crossed for a BFP result for you. All the best

  9. Thinking of you guys!!! Btw, my twins are 8 weeks old today and I still haven't broken out the champagne. Unfortunately, for some of us, the road to celebration is a bit longer. But with perseverance, we will all get there.

  10. One more day down! We're all sending good vibes your way Charlie. Fingers crossed!

  11. I'm certainly not one to give advice about worrying! I seem to carry that burden quite well in our relationship!!! When you figure out when to open that champagne, let me know. I've got a bottle in my fridge and am having the same dilemma! Wishing for a BFP for you guys!!!

  12. Totally understand how you are feeling. Wishing you a BFP xx

  13. Not long now good luck with the wait, we are just behind you on the 30th is our beta results. Sending you sticky baby dust magic :) x

  14. All the very best of luck guys, looking forward to your good news!