Monday, February 6, 2012


Brent and I have contacted Surrogacy Centre India to enroll in their surrogacy program.  The reason that we picked SCI is because we've heard nothing but good things about Dr Shivani and the staff.  Obviously not all attempts are going to produce positive results, but she has pretty good results.  We get very timely responses to all of our emails and just get a good vibe overall.

So, last Monday we were sent profiles of available egg donors.  We went through them all and narrowed it down to about 7.  We printed out the profiles and tried to set an order to them.  I hate shopping for cars, much less an egg donor.  It is such a strange feeling to pick out your children's DNA!  I wish that we had something to go on other than a photo and a few facts about their medical history.  I wish we could meetup for coffee or a drink first.  In the end, we picked what we thought was the best donor - proven past pregnancy, educated, and pretty!  The funny thing was that it was the first profile that I opened out of 40 or so.  We even went to a website to upload our photos into to predict what the baby may look like (photo to the right). Kind of silly, kind of vain, but we're planners.

We heard back from SCI that our top pick was available, so I think that we're all set to schedule the donor for treatment in May.  We picked May for a few reasons:

  1. We want to be married first.  Call us traditional.
  2. We may have some other, yet to be public, life changing event happening soon and we want that dust to settle pre-baby.
  3. Money.  We're anti-debt people and we want to make sure that we will have enough money saved for both this baby and a sibling.  Not to mention any medical complexities that come along the way.
We've already started talking nursery and buying things.  We bought a toddler's Star Wars suitcase.  That probably tells you a few things about us:
  1. Again, we're planners.  Already shopping for a three year old.  Totally cart before the horse. 
  2. Brent is a little nerdy sometimes: Star Wars.
  3. We love to travel and we're really hoping that doesn't have to change with kids.
  4. We had drinks before we went to Target.  That never ends well.

Tonight, we're going through the enrollment form and then we will officially be on our way to parenthood!  We could be dads in as little as a year from now.  It's crazy to think.


  1. Glad to find your blog. I am also a cart before the horse person as well!! Best wishes!!K

  2. Welcome to the ride of your life, fellas!
    Best wishes as you get all the details organized.

  3. All the best for this very big adventure!

  4. best wishes for a fantastic adventure. best of luck. i think you made a great decision... please send pics of the suitcase. =)

  5. Congrats on your BIG decision! You are in the best of hands! We will be picking up our twins in May-- stay in touch and let us know when you pick dates!

  6. Wishing you guys the best... we are just starting down the journey as well. No drinks before going to Target... I have to remember that!

  7. Welcome to blogland and this crazy journey that is surrogacy in India! Wishing you guys all the best :) And congrats on the upcoming nuptuals - and I'm with Brent re running away to get married; my husb and I ran off to the Mayan Riviera with some close friends & family... it was fabulous, no fuss, no muss, no stress! My cousin was married in the DR, and loved it. Have fun!