Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's been nearly 2 months since the last blog update, so I figured it's overdue.  A lot has been going on!

Most importantly, things are going very smoothly with the baby now (finally!!).  The last scan came back with the awesome news that the brain cyst is no longer seen during the ultrasound. The triple marker results also came back favorably.  We also received plenty of pictures of the baby's brain and spine.  No cute profile pictures or fun 3D photos.  Who wants to snuggle a spine?  Seriously though, we're happy to know that SCI takes this stuff seriously and focuses on the important stuff.

Brent finally landed the job that he's been daydreaming about for the past year, even long before we actually even made the move to Seattle.  I'm glad he stuck it out and got what he wanted: a fancy schmancy office on the 38th floor of a building downtown complete with a view of the Space Needle in a position that pays him well doing work he can likely do while sleeping.  Our last house had acres of cows in the backyard, so this is a slightly different view.

Speaking of Seattle, since the last blog post, Washington State became one of the first US states to approve marriage equality by popular vote.  Being in a state that recognizes us as being in a legitimate relationship was important in laying the groundwork for becoming a family.  It's the main reason that we made the move of over 3,000 miles/5,000 km across the country.  It will help our children know that they're part of a normal family like just any other and it will help Brent and I to know that they're part of a protected family unit just like any other.  That election night, we watched people vote in our first black president for another four years.  Closer to home, it was the night we watched people vote in the first president to support marriage equality, announcing that support before he was facing re-election, not after.  25 years ago, gays and lesbians were treated badly here, in a country that has pushed for human rights in other countries.  Because today we're experiencing the actual shift in US citizen's opinions of us today, we have a greater appreciation for these new rights than even the gays and lesbians what will be coming out 25 more years from now, who don't face any discrimination.  I am so happy to be able to experience this change first hand.

Tomorrow is the first day that we can apply for a marriage license, with Sunday being the first day you can make it official, so we're heading to get the license tomorrow afternoon and are all booked for a ceremony on Sunday!  To celebrate the honeymoon, Brent will be going to work the following day and we will likely order pizza.  This will be my 2nd marriage this year (I feel like a Kardashian), but this one is actually legal!

In other news, we're smack down in the middle of the holidays.  We spent Thanksgiving together as just the two of us for the first time ever. We talked with friends and family over Skype & Facetime, but it was the first time we shared the Thanksgiving meal alone.  The idea was to just get a small turkey breast, but going to the store the night before Thanksgiving caused us to have to get their smallest 17 pound bird.  Add to that glazed carrots, bacon wrapped green beans, garlic mashed potatoes & gravy, fried oyster stuffing, spiced cranberry, loads of wine, and a lime cheesecake.  It was a feast.  Next year, we will be enjoying it with mashed peas  & mashed potatoes all over the place, all over us, & all over the baby, so we decided to go all out even if it were just the two of us.  Thankful!

Last weekend, we also took our last mini-vacation as just the two of us.  Here are some pictures from our Winter Wonderland.  Hope all is well for everyone else!!  Happy Holidays!



That is a snowball being hurled at me.


  1. So happy for you guys...everything is coming together for you nicely and as it should!!! Beautiful photos...congrats for baby being well, new dream job and your marriage!!! :) :)

  2. Congratulations all around!! I love the idea of pizza honeymoon; some of my best memories with my own honey have been carpet picnics around pizza delivery.

  3. Congratulations Brent and Charlie!! I'm super happy for you both on your big move and your big day on Sunday! It's so nice from my experience to make things "legitimate " through marriage, I like your perspective on the security of the family unit, my hubby and I felt the same. Would love to meet u guys one day, think we have stuff in common, maybe in delhi?-when are you due? X

  4. Ps are you due around 12th march by my cunning research, if so we will be sure to see you in Delhi!! :-) we are due February 6th so hope, (visa permitting) to be there from January 20th

  5. Thank you for update. Was holding my breath and turning blue about baby! DELIGHTED you are making your marriage legal and sending piles of happiness wishes for you all. May the new job be all it was imagined to be, Happiness walk on your feet, and baby miracles surround you in the coming year.

  6. HOORAY - congratulations on your upcoming wedding - I'm so happy for you two! And it's great to hear about Brent's career - finding the right one makes all the difference (doesn't that apply to pretty much everything?)!

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  7. Congrats guys! I'm really happy for you both! The pics are just beautiful. Wishing you guys a happy holiday. Any plans for a honeymoon?

    1. We did a big honeymoon when we had our "practice" wedding back in March. Sadly, this "official" wedding will be followed by a honeymoon on the couch.

  8. I love posts like these. Good news all the way around. Can it get any better?...oh YES IT CAN (come spring!). Super exciting and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  9. lovely blog post guys, congrats all round, beautiful pictures !

  10. Fantastic news and great pictures! You have a wonderful talent for photography.