Friday, January 11, 2013

Tick Tock

Though I check everyone else's blog at least twice a day, it's been a long time since our last blog post.  Time for some internet blabbing!

First off, we're officially legally married!  It was a great evening shared with some old friends and new friends.  I got to smash cake in Brent's face, which is always enjoyable (for me, at least).   
I really need to work on both posture and crying at weddings
After the marriage was recorded with the courts, I had an exciting time changing my last name to Brent's at about 175 different places.  The administrivia involved with this is a pretty good reason to have not blogged since forever.  I had to change my name on my passport, which also meant having to get a new Indian visa.  Considering so many babies that seem to be coming 6-10 weeks early and the amount of time it takes to process a new passport & visa, I was a bit worried that the baby would surprise us early and I'd be stuck here.  Fortunately my visa arrived today! (Dear unborn baby:  that's not a cue for you to do anything other than stay put for another 6 weeks minimum).

The holidays are officially over.  We spent Christmas with Brent's dad.  He brought lots of very cool baby things from his latest assignment in Peru.  This spoiled baby has things from 6 continents!  Our last New Years Eve sans kids was spent on the couch watching bad TV because I was sick (sadly, not from too much celebrating).  

In other news, the nursery is 95% put together now!  That means that my office is no longer just an office with a crib in it and I've had to relocate my office into our living room.  This has sent us on a mission of house hunting (we didn't have enough going on).  

The next blog post will hopefully be the latest scan, due next week, along with photos of the 100% finished nursery (minus baby).  Crazy that this is likely our last scan before we arrive in India!

We're now checking out flights, airfare, working with the embassy, etc.  SCI is recommending that we arrive 2 1/2 weeks before the due date.  How long before the due date did you arrive in India?  

Thanks guys,
Charlie & Brent