Sunday, February 17, 2013

37 Weeks?!?

I am not sure how that happened!  37 weeks?!?

A lot has gone on in the past month....

We had an awesome visit from three friends and future Aunts!  It was nice to celebrate the big 4-0 with a dear friend by floating with a view of downtown Seattle in our own private hot tub boat (highly recommended for anyone who comes to Seattle).  We decided that since we weren't tired enough of the cold grey Seattle winter, we'd head north to snow and had hot buttered rum, lots of good food, snowball fights, hiking, and good company.

The morning that we were returning home (the day that we hit the 33 week mark), we got an email from SCI saying that our surrogate was having contractions (insert WTF reaction here).   As much as we are ready to be parents, we would much rather that the surrogate be on hospital bed rest & on medication, than our baby to come early and put on oxygen and whatever else comes with arriving almost two months early.  Fortunately, after a few days in the hospital, our surrogate was released and all is well.

We get our next ultrasound on Thursday, when we will officially be full term!  Wow - crazy to even type that!!

We are totally ready.  Mentally, and otherwise.  Flights are booked, the baby bag is packed (with more luggage than the two of us) & our offices will figure themselves out.  Since everything seems to be going so smoothly, we decided to tempt fate and have a 5 night stay in Thailand before baby pick-up.  We'll be much closer to the baby, should he/she decide to show up unexpectedly, or, worst case scenario, we have a babymoon.  Brent did the math and determined that once you combine flights/potential change fees/hotels/etc, that the price difference to add 5 days on the beach in Phuket would only be about 300$ more per person.  I would question his math, but we're both too excited to have one last vacation hurrah pre-baby - just the two of us, waves, sun, sand, cheap massages and frozen drinks.

This baby will be under heavy surveillance. The baby monitor is viewable from anywhere with password, so Brent can see the baby from work.  We also have a breathing monitor, which has been personally tested, to make sure that he/she doesn't stop breathing with SIDS, and we rounded it off with an audio monitor.  We have also checked into a GPS for his or her car when he or she is 16 and have looked into micro-chipping.  Technology isn't there yet.

Finally, the baby room is together.  We went neutral, mostly because baby blue and soft pink aren't our thing, but also because Brent said that we could only have a baby if the nursery were Star Wars themed.  That said, I have already priced out infant tutus on ebay should we have a little lady.  I love the end result and can't wait to have him or her back at home sweet home.

Wampa Rug for tummy time

Darth means "Father" in Dutch.  Who knew?!  Star Wars quilt courtesy of the Barr family.

Some Star Wars creatures with a weird beast from Australia from Aunt Marisa in Adelaide

A nursery is not complete without Eeyore Yoda

Or Whicket Yoda

Ready for star gazing

It's a trap!

Counting down to his/her birthday

We found this chair for 10$ beat up and broken down, but it was perfect with some TLC

Star Pooh & friends

Young Explorers

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Next time we blog, we will be in India!!  

I am not sure how that happened!  37 weeks?!?