Friday, March 8, 2013

Becoming a Family

We always knew that we wanted the happiness that comes from becoming a family, but to actually experience it now feels so beyond words.  So, here are pictures.

Photo taken by your blog friends Joann and Brian (p.s. thank you so much)
First picture with Asha and Dad

First picture with Daddy and Asha

Sleepy little girl, passing out during tummy time.

Super happy to be a part of the family now (or just a bit of gas)

Is there anything sweeter than hearing a baby breathe while it is sleeping?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Delhi

We have arrived tonight in Delhi and are set to pick up Asha tomorrow morning.

I feel like I could write a novel with all of the emotions I have been feeling this past week, but each time I sit down to try to write down this moment in time, it all comes out as gibberish. It is such a new emotion that i don't know how to process it or describe it properly. All I can really say is that I have never more felt like I am where I am supposed to be than right now, with my husband having a massive jetlag headache, me drinking a bourbon in a hotel room at 2 am to relax my nerves and get some sleep, and our little girl just 14 km away, waiting for us to finally take her home.

8 more hours and we see her for the first time.


Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a Girl!!

Asha Victoria Dunn was born at 7lbs and is happy and healthy. We are over the moon!! Can't wait to meet her on Monday...Monday can't get here fast enough!


We will post pictures as soon as we can get decent Internet.

Charlie & Brent