Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Months

Asha is five months now.  How did that happen?!

One of the big milestones for this month was that she had a five night streak of sleeping through the night.  The previous record was just one night, so five was pretty awesome.  We're really trying to get into a routine, but we have had some difficulties.  From 3PM-7AM, we're pretty set in a schedule.  7AM-3PM the nanny takes over and we're finding it hard to get her to stick to set naps.  Yesterday, she only slept an hour over that 8 hour period, so when I finally got her down at 4PM, she was an exhausted, overtired nightmare.  This is something we're really trying to work on.

The other big milestone was that we have started to slowly introduce some solids.  Another work in progress. We gave her a couple of spoonfuls
 of Gerber apple sauce and she made some faces I've never seen before. She hated it, but it was hysterical for Brent and I. We've tried adding formula and rice cereal to it to tone it down some, but still not a lot of progress. We'll just have to keep trying new things and get her at the right time. On the days where she did have a few "bites", she slept through the night. It was a tiny bit, so maybe that was coincidence. Not sure.

She has also become a pro with neck control (she was a good bit behind in this department) and is now pretty good at sitting. The funny thing is that she was able to stand long before being able to sit. She may be one of those babies that skips crawling and goes straight to walking. She's been doing a ton of kicking the past week, so I think she is telling us that she wants to be mobile.

I am not sure if she has started teething or not. It seems to come and go. I am curious what others have experienced. There will be a 3 or 4 day span where she seems pretty miserable, sounds like a squeaky door hinge for most of the day, soothes herself by putting everything in her mouth, and practically gnaws off her hand. Then it goes away and she is back to her happy goofy self.

Trying to get whatever she wants
Taking a break from eating the book to look at a picture
WTF are you feeding me?

Happy goof


  1. Wow 5 months! Congratulations she's beautiful! xxx

  2. Happy 5 Months! It goes by so fast! She is gorgeous.

  3. Happy 5 month birthday, Asha!!! She's absolutely beautiful!

    Saffron has been gnawing on everything she can manage to shove in her mouth for a couple months now, and is hardly ever without part or all of her hand in her mouth. We thought teething too, but I think it might just be normal exploring - or at least, I'm not convinced anything's going to pop out anytime soon!

  4. Oh goodness - she is absolutely gorgeous!! Henry was the same way with apple sauce - the look he gave me before he spit it out was priceless. He still hates the apple sauce but I redeemed myself with the carrots. Have fun!!

  5. Lovely daughter! Teeth move slowly towards eruption and their advance and is not a smooth path so what you are seeing can well be teeth but not mean the tooth is erupting soon. Crawling takes time and you are reporting all the expected progressions.
    She is totally wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Those eyes are mesmerising! What a beautiful looking baby.Why don't you try her with banana? Just mash it up and its easy and nutritious and the majority of bubs love it !

  7. hey guys,

    our little one is behind on neck control so was interested to read your comment.

    did she just suddenly get the hang of it or was there some special exercise you did?

    glad it's going so well and she sure is a cutie.